Austin Chalk / Cretaceous: Texas

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Ursa believes it has identified an area of east Texas that is highly prospective for resource play development. Ursa has in excess of 35,000 net mineral acres under lease in Tyler, Polk, and Newton counties TX. Ursa believes the austin chalk and other cretaceous formations are oil filled and prospective in this area. The coupling of horizontal drilling with multistage fracture stimulation should unlock this huge resource potential. Legacy development by Anadarko and more recent drilling by BBX display the potential of this cutting edge play.

Austin Chalk/Cretaceous Map



Leased Acreage
35,000 net mineral acres
Austin Chalk Eagle Ford
Rich Gas/Gas Condensate
EUR: 800MBOE/well (300MBO + 3BCF)
Depth: 9,000-11,000 ft
Dev. Well cost: $8-9MM
Original economic chalk play targeted natural fractures. Utilize current fracture stimulation technology to unlock the potential of “less-fractured” Austin in the productive fairway.
Analog Play(s)
Austin Chalk (Master’s Field)
Eagle Ford
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