Meaning of URSA


Ursa:  Latin for ‘The Bear’

and most commonly known as a constellation visible  throughout most of the year in the northern hemisphere.  The constellation, Ursa Major, is dominated by the widely recognized asterism, known as ‘The Big Dipper.’ It was one of 48 constellations first described in the second century, and mentioned in literary works by Homer, Shakespeare and Tennyson.

Ursa Resources takes its name from this Latin origin as a symbol of our desire to shine brightly over a very long period of time with the same visibility and direction of this legendary constellation.   At Ursa, we value integrity, intelligence, and hard work and invite you to “Be the Bear.”

Be the Bear


Ursa prides itself on assembling some of the most talented individuals in the business. Ursa will always be smarter than the average bear.


From inspiration to production--Ursa holds itself to the highest standards of performance.


Ursa will continually push itself to achieve and exceed our goals.


Health, Safety, & Environmental issues are of the utmost importance to Ursa.

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