The Principals at Ursa Operating Company LLC have operated properties in a number of onshore basins across the United States. We are intimately familiar with operations along the Gulf Coast Texas, the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico, the Arkoma Basin of Arkansas, as well as the Williston Basin of North Dakota and Montana.
Ursa management has a wealth of experience with the development of unconventional reservoirs.  The Principals have been instrumental in successful development efforts in the "Fayetteville Shale Play" in Arkansas. Most recently the Principals managed Ursa Resources Group LLC, a successful "Bakken Shale Play" production company. We have spent many years determining what makes for successful resource development in shale gas reservoirs and have completed extensive field studies of the "Eagle Ford Shale Play", the "Bakken Shale Play" and the "Barnett Shale Play".  Additionally, we have completed studies of several tight conventional reservoirs that hold potential for development utilizing technology pioneered in the shale plays.
If you have more questions about Ursa’s operations, experience, or would like to receive more information, contact us.

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