Ordovician/Silurian: Illinois Basin


With the renaissance of the Utica shale in Ohio, ordovician aged source rocks throughout the Midwestern United States deserve another close look. These ordivician rocks are known sources in the Illinois, Michigan, and Appalachian basins. Thermally mature shales with a basal limey member that looks very similar to the point pleasant formation in Ohio makes this area especially intriguing. Ursa is an early entrant in this play, and currently has over 30,000 net mineral acres under lease. Offset lease activity includes several large independents.

Land Overview Map



Leased Acreage
30,000 net mineral acres
EUR: 315MBO/well
Depth: 5,000-7,000 ft
Dev. Well cost: $6MM
Rock is a Utica equivalent. Ubiquitous shows—known source rock for the basin. Modern stimulation will unlock the play.
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