Pennsylvanian / Desmoinsian : Nebraska / Wyoming

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Although it is “off the beaten path”, the inter-bedded shale and carbonate sequences of the Alliance basin of Nebraska and Wyoming could be a resource play in the making. The Pennsylvanian aged shale sections appear to be thermally mature and in the oil generating window. The low porosity carbonates could serve as the perfect target for horizontal drilling and fracture stimulation. This configuration of mature shale juxtaposed against a low porosity carbonate is very similar to the reservoir configuration observed in the highly prolific Bakken shale of North Dakota and Montana. Ursa is an early entrant in this play, and currently has over 50,000 net mineral acres under lease. Offset activity includes ongoing drilling and appraisal by Fidelity Exploration (a subsidiary of MDU), also a Bakken player.

Nebraska Pennsylvanian Map



Leased Acreage
50,000 net mineral acres
EUR: 300MBO/well
Depth: 7,000-9,000 ft
Dev. Well cost: $6-7MM
Rock looks very similar to the Bakken. Unstimulated wells produce 40MBO/well. Modern stimulation will prove the play.
Analog Play(s)
Admire—Devon new entry in Nebraska (Cheyenne county)
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